Australia Herpes Dating Inspirational Story – “Liberation”

Once upon a time I thought that my love and life would cease to exist when I was diagnosed with herpes. After six months of pain, I am free.

I played the game of chance and won the prize of a highly stigmatized infection. Now what?

When I became positive and it shook me to my core. I broke down and shut off from everyone. My self-confidence and self-love was already low and this became the icing on the cake. Too much icing for my liking.

I began to read all the doom & gloom posts on message boards, slowly convincing myself that i was to be forever alone and that i was unloveable, untouchable and undesirable. My advice is to stay away from negativity in this area, it will only fuel your existing negativity.

I started to notice conversations around my would entail herpes jokes, stigmatized views of herpes and people with herpes. This sparked me to speak up, which was odd – i’m usually the last to speak. But for some reason i felt empowered to educate people on what it really means to have herpes because i had first hand experience.

I challenge you to speak up, it’s scary, probably abit embarrassing but I have felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders since being open and honest. If you stay negatively quiet about your situation, it will continue to hinder your ability to progress in dealing with it.

I didn’t choose to get herpes. I just made a choice that increased the probability of something happening. Everyone is guilty of that.

Be kind to yourself.

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